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courses for winter enthusiasts! 

  • Fair Prices
  • Transparent Quality
  • Secure Payment
  • Flexible Offers

How it works

1. Enter Location

Enter date and location for finding relevant SnowLo courses nearby.

2. Select Course

Screen and compare offered courses and choose the perfect course one for you.

3. Book & Review

Book your course, chat with your personal instructor and leave a review later on.

Some of our Instructors

Skiing all levels, all terrains.

Together we’re gonna have an awesome time. Looking forward to skiing with you.


4,6/5 Stars   |  8 Reviews

Best Powder Experience ever!?

Snowboard or Ski – doesn’t matter. I teach you how to fly through the snow :-*


5/5 Stars   |  15 Reviews

 Freestyle – Smooth double Backflip

You bring the basics, I show you the rest. Let’s go and have a nice freestyle day.


4,5/5 Stars   |  3 Reviews


For Learners

Save Money

By ensuring same learning effect, SnowLo courses are up to 60% cheaper than standard skiing school lessons.

Transparent Quality

Search for courses and choose your perfect instructor based on community's reviews regarding e.g. skills, punctuality, ...

Gain Flexibility

It is up to you: You choose your perfect SnowLo match, when ever your want, where ever you want, as long as you want.

For Instructors

Earn Money

Provide courses to your community and earn money based on excellent reviews and recommendation.

Meet People

Use SnowLo for teaching other winter sports enthusiasts or show them your favourite places as a local guide in your resort.

Exclusive Network Access

Provide courses, become a multiplier for your community and participate from SnowLo's voucher and benefits.

Issues with conventional courses

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-26 um 13.37.49
Overcrowded & chaotic

When up to 3.000 skischool guest are trying to find the group and instructor, for sure, it turns out to be chaotic. 

The course surprise bag

Due to intentional intransparency you never know what you gonna get: A highliy, motivated, empathetic instructor? … good luck!

Skiing during rush hour

Strictly scheduled course hours create long waiting times. Additionally if someone falls down, every courses member is forced to wait.  

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Most frequent questions and answers

SnowLo is a Tech Company which provides a C2C marketplace for skiing and snowboard courses for winter enthusiasts. 

For instance: Offer a skiing course to the community on the one day and improve your boarder skills by booking a snowboard lesson on the next day – SnowLo makes it possible.

Usually the price per hour is between 10 and 40 €. It is depending on instructor’s reviews and feedback from the community.

By booking a course and releasing the payment, the chat function is activated. Now you can connect with your instructor for further details. 

Weather instructor or learner, cancellations will be handled along the official cancellation conditions so that there is no risk for users at all. 

As a SnowLo user you always have the opportunity to book an insurance provided by one of SnowLo’s official Business Partners. (Service is coming soon)

What people say

Awesooome! Today, I booked my third course with SnowLo and it really feels like skiing now. Special thanks to Henry.


Whaaaat, my first backflip. So greatful that I was part of Tom’s Freestyle lesson. Still absolutely stoked! Will continue practicing. 


Earned 46€ in two hours and had an awesome time with real friends. Really looking forward to the next match.



SnowLo is a thriving peer-to-peer platform for skiing and snowboard courses. It’s a trusted community marketplace that connects professional winter sportsmen with newcomers looking for an opportunity to discover the mysteries of carving and freeriding.  

Starting with a handful users, today SnowLo has acquired a broad range of active instructors, learners and supporters. During our first year, SnowLo has created an entirely new, disruptive, people-powered outdoor network. With a dedicated member relations service, a state-of-the-art web platform, and a fast-growing trusted community, SnowLo is making winter sports more social, affordable and efficient for millions of enthusiasts.

We at SnowLo are passionate about delivering the best possible solution to our customers, partners and employees from every possible standpoint. Therefore, our corporate values are: Performance, trust, fun and fairness. 

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